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Drug-Free Menopause Treatments: 5 Simple Ways to Make Handling Mood Swings Easier

Menopause is an inevitable part of every woman’s life once they reach at least 45 years of age. While considered life-threatening, this shift from productive to non-productive female is a constant concern, due to its effects on daily life.

Of the potential changes this state has on women, hot flashes top the list, with majority of females experiencing them. Equally concerning and occurring in up to 75% of women are the mood swings associated with menopause. Even perimenopause, the period leading up to it, can already exert some change in a woman’s emotional state.

Defined as abrupt changes in mood, mood swings can cause really drastic shifts in a person’s emotions in a single day. Usually, the reaction might be inappropriate, or just unexpected. Possible moods that women may experience include irritability, sadness, decreased patience, anxiety, and nervousness.

In women, these sudden changes are caused by the imbalance of hormones in the body. Other symptoms of menopause, such as hot flashes, can either intensify or cause the mood swings. Besides hormonal changes, other possible causes are fatigue, poor diet, alcohol, and inadequate exercise.

When it comes to natural remedies for menopause symptoms like mood swings, it helps to understand the symptoms better. In this case, that would be possible triggers or causes of changes in emotional state.

Seeing how some of the causes have to do with lifestyle, changes in the same will lessen the chances of mood swings happening. Several experts have suggested the following, in order to decrease the occurrence of mood swings, or make them easier to handle.

1.    Eat more carbohydrates. Potatoes, wheat, bran, and other complex carbohydrates help boost serotonin levels. These also help keep weight off, since it takes more energy to properly digest them.

2.    Cut out alcohol. Alcohol can affect one’s mood, so cutting it out of one’s diet is a good idea. In the same vein, cutting back on caffeine will also lessen chances of mood swings. As a stimulant, it acts directly on the nervous system and can add to mood instability. Therefore, decreasing your intake will help your moods be more stable.

3.    Incorporate Vitamin D-rich food. If you haven’t already done so, eating more tuna, sardines, fortified dairy products and eggs will help make sure you get enough Vitamin D. This vitamin is essential for hormonal balance, and it also helps retain bone density, to avoid osteoporosis.

4.    Exercise regularly. Make sure the exercise isn’t too strenuous that it contributes to fatigue. Instead, try a daily walk, or yoga. These low-impact exercises not only help improve your overall health and self-image, but they can help lower your stress levels.

5.    Spend time with loved ones. It can be tempting to withdraw from family and friends because you’re wary of how they’ll react to your mood swings. However, spending time with them can actually boost oxytocin levels, which counteract any mood imbalances.

With preparation and these drug free menopause treatments, this naturally-occurring state doesn’t have to be difficult and exhausting, on you nor your family and friends. You can still enjoy life as it comes, hormonal changes and all.