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Drug Free Menopause Treatments – Know The Truth About Menopause

It is said that every woman will ultimately get the sign that she has come of age. At around 13, even as early as 10 or as late at 18, a girl starts her menses. With that come exciting changes in her body. Later on, at 30 to 50 years old, the signs of menopause start to set in.

Those who don’t do their due diligence will surely be at a loss as to what remedies to take. Those who make the effort, though, know they have several safe and sure options, like taking drug free menopause treatments.

There is a transition period, however, between perimenopause and actual menopause. During this time, you may also experience some discomfort from various symptoms.

For instance, your menstrual periods will fluctuate. More specifically, you’ll notice a cessation of your blood flow for maybe three to six months, and then it’ll return for a certain time period.

What’s It Like During Menopause?

There are so many myths surrounding this inevitable biological phase in a woman’s life and sadly, our society has its own distorted view on this. What matters is that you, reading this page right now, are one of the more fortunate individuals getting the right perspective about menopause.

Yes, menopause is sort of a grueling process, but not all women have the same experience. If you’re keen, you’ll observe that all things reproductive stop at this stage.

Guess what causes these symptoms of menopause? It’s the decreasing levels of female hormones, particularly estrogen, that’s the main culprit for the occurrence of this phenomena.

Such symptoms bring with them discomfort not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally, as well. For example, your fluctuating menses can no longer be assuaged. That means, even if you wanted to, you’d be unable to get pregnant while menopausal.

The rapid development of technology, some experts claim, may enable some women aged 40 and above to become pregnant. But, you’ll never know the consequences on both you and the child.

At this stage, mild symptoms of dysmenorrhoea, or painful period, can still occur in some women whenever blood flow recurs.

There are ways to make it through the symptoms, first, you’ll want to choose natural painkillers. Second, you can also opt for some light exercises that your body can handle. Last, use proper nutrition.

The Most Observable Changes

Most likely, you could feel multiple changes brought about by those menopause symptoms. Two of the most noticeable ones, though, are mood swings and loss of libido.

•    Mood swings are typically followed by irritability for no reason at all. You can be tranquil at one moment, the next you’re highly vexed. Experts recommend sipping tea, exercise, massage and aromatherapy to help you relax. Try joining some fun activities and get social as well.

•    Loss of sex drive could be attributed to the thinning of vaginal walls and this happens because of the estrogen reduction. This could be the reason why sex becomes painful. Get enough sleep and rest, avoiding the triggers for stress.

Enjoy scanning the pages of this site for more info about natural remedies for menopause symptoms.