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NO Prescription Drugs for Menopause

No woman is exempted from experiencing menopause (unless she dies at an early age; hopefully not). At some point in time, most probably at age 50, a woman will slowly notice a change in her menstrual period. This is where the menopausal stages start to take place. But are these stages manageable? Absolutely!

Many women become problematic when their doctors tell them that they’re already in the menopausal stage. However, this is not an abnormality. Menopause is a normal cycle in a woman’s life. Although there are those signs and symptoms which will occur, there are various drug free menopause treatments available. The best part is that, most of these treatments can be found at home or just about anywhere.

Did you know that diet and lifestyle modifications are great methods to suppress those irksome hot flushes?  If this symptom is really burdensome, you can either stay in a cool place such as an air-conditioned room or drink cool fluids. Do not ever eat spicy foods or drink caffeinated and alcoholic beverages unless you want them to aggravate.

Having a stressful life can also worsen menopausal signs and symptoms. That is why it is extremely vital to get sufficient sleep. If you are having sleeping difficulties, you can listen to a soothing music or engage to deep breathing exercises. Again, do not consume drinks with alcohol or caffeine before you sleep.

Putting your mind and body in a state of relaxation is also one of the many drug free menopause treatments, which have been proven useful. Nevertheless, you can always take advantage of guided imagery. Getting a massage can also prove advantageous.

Another burdensome symptom of menopause is vaginal discomfort. This is where you’ll feel vaginal itching, dryness or even pain. If you experience this manifestation, do Kegel exercises and make it a habit. By strengthening those muscles in the pelvic and vaginal area, you get to parry not only vaginal discomfort but urinary incontinence as well.

As you can see, availing of  drug free menopause treatments are not difficult at all. If you look at each one of them, you also save a lot of money unlike those methods, which require prescription drugs to manage the signs and symptoms of menopause.